Maleny Neighbourhood Centre fosters resilient and fair communities and
a just society where diversity is celebrated and participation encouraged.
Maleny Neighbourhood Centre builds community networks,
responds to diverse local needs and delivers Emergency Relief.
In the Heart of Maleny...

17 Bicentenary Lane
Maleny, OLD, 4552
Phone: (07) 5499 9345

Open Mon - Fri: 9am - 3pm
and booked activities anytime

Community Garden


The garden at Maleny Neighbourhood Centre is an evolving concept, with the surrounds needing to meet the needs of many groups.

We have a vegetable patch for contributing to the shared lunch.

We have a talking circle and a fire pit, and we have a range of new and enthusiastic volunteers to get involved with the space! 

Why not come along and lend a hand to create a community garden space?


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