Housing project

#HousingActionNow – Housing Affordability & Homelessness   

Our Maleny and surrounds community have taken a positive interest in the New Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme Project. The Maleny Neighbourhood Centre has been helping encourage our local community to get involved in the Preliminary Public Consultation period particularly around a key strategic focus area of ours: Housing Affordability and Homelessness.

Maleny Housing Working Group Response is now complete and  the document can be viewed here

​Maleny Neighbourhood Centre (Initiating Organisation) – https://www.malenync.org.au/

Glasshousing 55

Maleny Eco Villiage – https://www.ecovillages.com.au/

Priority Purpose

Polkadot Community Incorporated Association – https://www.polkadot.org.au/

Smart Living Society Limited – https://www.smartlivingsocietylimited.org/

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Tiny Towns

Also in support of this project –

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Maddel International – http://www.maddel.com/

Maleny Community House (Michael ‘Laughing Wolf’)

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Priority Purpose

Tiny Homes Expo (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne)

Transition Towns Sunshine Coast

Maleny Neighbourhood Centre would like to acknowledge two of our major sponsors

QLD Government Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy, and Sunshine Coast Council Partnership funding program