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Neighbourhood Centre to Neighbourhood Centre crisis support

We have all been saddened by the catastrophic floods in Townsville and the surrounding area.  It is at times like these that Neighbourhood Centres are under a huge strain as they cope with a massive influx of people in need.

Maleny Neighbourhood Centre has been in touch with Sandra Elton from NOTCH  (North Townsville Community Hub). She said:

“We have had many of our local suburbs go under and many families are now presenting for emergency needs.  I was born and bred in North Queensland. I have been through category 4 cyclones and many major flood events of local rivers but I have never seen anything like this. All of our 20 strong team of volunteers are locals, with many impacted in their own homes. In true North Queensland spirit they have all showed up at work to help deliver emergency relief services to flood victims.”

NOTCH runs services remarkably similar to our own in Maleny. Check them out at

The next few weeks will stretch NOTCH to the limits. Luckily they themselves were not flooded, but you can imagine the trauma of their clients, not to mention that of their own volunteers. We can help them through this stressful time. Sandra says they are already receiving donations of clothes and as much of other goods as they can handle. However extra funds would be greatly appreciated. Sandra particularly mentioned:

Families who have lost everything or been displaced with nothing but the clothes on their backs. At present Notch is funding extra bread/milk/food boxes out of our own pocket. Families in emergency accommodation also need nappies/toiletries/formula. We are providing clothing/bedding/linen that has been donated which we usually sell.

Kids who have just returned to school: many now need to replace expensive uniforms, books, bags and shoes. We are helping to provide this assistance but need help to fund such

Finally, there are the people who have lost their homes/livelihoods who don’t qualify for Government Assistance. They will need help completely re-establishing their homes.

The recipients are so grateful for any help.

Our aim is to raise $10,000. It sounds a lot, but let’ s give generously, not just thinking of Townsville, but also in thanks and relief that we are not ever likely to be faced by such a disaster. One of our MNC members is so concerned about the size and scale of the Townsville emergency that she has offered to double all donations, so please help us raise the other $5,000.


Last update 12/02/19

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