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In this workshop you will come to understand the basic needs for car checks at home. You will learn how to check basic items on your car and how to change a car tyre.
Only 6 people, with their cars can fit in the car park for this workshop. Bring your car. Cost is $5
Morning tea will be provided.
Please phone the centre as bookings are essential 5499 9345
Participants are asked to arrive by 8.45 am and be ready for a 9.00 am start. We hope to be done by about 11.30 am.
Here is an overview
1. Objectives
a. Understand the basic needs for car checks at home
b. Be able to check basic items on your car
c. Change a car tyre
2. Tools required
a. Car jack
b. Spanner for wheel nuts
c. Car manual
3. Items required
a. Old cloths
b. Washing up liquid
c. Sponge
d. Oil as necessary
4. Commencing procedure
a. Park the car and apply the hand brake
b. Prepare the area of work
i. Layout tools and items
c. Open bonnet and use stay
5. Light system
a. Front of car
i. Head light – low beam and high beam
ii. Indicator lights – left and right
iii. Hazard lights
b. Back of car
i. Brake lights
ii. Car lights
iii. Indicator lights – left and right
iv. Hazard lights
6. Oil systems
a. Engine oil
b. Transmission oil
7. Radiator
a. Check radiator or coolant tank (beware if engine is hot)
8. Windscreen washer
a. Fill water tank (add a little washing up liquid)
9. Battery
a. Is it a closed cell or open cell?
b. Are terminals clean and tight?
10. Fuses
a. Where is fuse box?
b. How to change fuse
11. Windscreen
a. Close bonnet
b. Clean windscreen
c. Clean windscreen wiper blade
d. Operate windscreen wipers
e. Clean inside of windscreen
12. Tyres on car
a. Check wear pattern
b. Check tread depth
c. Check pressures (red cap means nitrogen fill and not done by you)
13. Spare tyre
a. Check wear pattern
b. Check tread depth
14. Inside of car
a. Check around the floor on the driver side to ensure no loose items
b. Check cleanliness of inside of screens, windows and mirrors
15. Change tyre
a. Is the car parked on generally level ground?
b. Is it in a safe place with respect to traffic?
c. Is brake applied and car in gear or park?
d. Take out jack and wheel nut spanner
e. Locate jacking points
f. Remove hub cap
g. Initial loosening of nuts
h. Jack up car
i. Undo nuts (careful not to lose any)
j. Remove wheel
k. Take spare from boot and place on hub
l. Install nuts
m. Tighten nuts (alternate nuts 1-3-2-4)
n. Lower car
o. Replace hub cap
p. Tools and tyre back in boot
q. Remember to have tyre repaired….
16. Questions???
17. Safe motoring
If it is raining please wear a raincoat.
People will be shown and actually undertake most of the things on their own car:
Check lights
Check oils
Check coolant system
Check windscreen washer
Check battery
Know where fuses are
Windscreen wipers
Check tyres – including spare
Check inside of car
Change tyre

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