Download the MNC Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

Authorised By: Management Committee: 25/5/17
Responsibility for the review: Management Committee and Centre Manager and Community Development
Worker (CCDW)

Date last review: Reviewed April 2017
Endorsed 25/5 17
Reviewed By: Reviewed and Endorsed by CCDW & the Management Committee

Date of next review: 25/5/18

Review Process

  • This Policy will be reviewed by the CCDW and Management Committee and approved on or before the next date of review.

Documentation and Communication:

  • Any decisions requiring policy changes will be recorded in the
  • Minutes of Maleny Neighbourhood Centre Committee of Management and forwarded to CCDW for action and updating of policy documents.
  • Policy changes relevant to staff and volunteers will be either emailed out and / or discussed at staff and volunteer meetings.


Queensland Standards for Community Services:

  • Standard 4 Confidentiality and Privacy

Other Standards:

  • Standard 5 Feedback and Complaints

Relevant Policies:

  • Feedback and Complaints
  • Code of Conduct
  • Conflict Resolution

Forms or other organisational documents:

Legislation or other requirements:

  • Freedom of Information Act 1986
  • Privacy Act 1998

Purpose and Commitment

Confidentiality refers to the practice of maintaining the privacy of personal and sensitive information that is gained about any person, through their involvement at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre Inc. All service users, paid staff and volunteers are entitled to have personal information treated with confidentiality. Clients, staff and volunteers are also entitled to have access to their own confidential information. The Maleny Neighbourhood Centre will endeavour to protect confidentiality wherever possible, and will create an environment of respect and privacy. Confidentiality applies to verbal and written information as well as information stored on computers.


  • Staff and all persons accessing programs and services.


  • All paid staff and volunteers will be required to sign the privacy and confidentiality
    form when they commence work at the centre.
  • Matters concerning clients, staff and volunteers which are personal and confidential
    will not discussed outside the Centre, except with their express permission.
  • Maleny Neighbourhood Centre will maintain personal records in a safe and secure
    place and ensure that reasonable security is maintained to ensure that only authorised staff have access to that information.
  • Information pertaining to addresses, phone numbers, or whereabouts of any clients, staff, centre member or volunteer shall not be given out without the specific permission of the person concerned.
  • Non-identifying client information can be released for the purpose of statistical analysis, with permission of the client.
  • Clients will be informed about why personal information is being collected and how it will be used.
  • Staff will seek permission of the person/client prior releasing personal information for referral purposes or any other purposes.
  • At any time, a client can request written information pertaining to that client. The relevant staff person will provide all necessary assistance for that client to access the information that they request/require. This request must be in writing.
  • A client who is concerned about a breach of confidentiality can make use of the grievance procedure. Staff members should ensure that a client is given all necessary assistance to lodge a complaint in this situation.
  • There may be some situations where the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre is under an obligation to disclose certain information including:
    ● Serious illegal actions on the part of service users
    ● Any issues that could endanger the safety of other service users, staff or
  • The Maleny Neighbourhood Centre will inform clients of the above procedures and will ensure that clients are aware of the circumstances outlined above

Recording Information

  • All recording should be confined to relevant facts
  • Personal opinions should be avoided
  • Recorded information should be checked for accuracy with the person providing it
  • Clients can request amendments to personal information if it is not accurate, not relevant or misleading

Storage of Material

  • All sensitive documents will be secured in a locked filing cabinet at the end of each day.
  • Computer information of a sensitive nature will only be accessible to the worker with appropriate responsibility.
  • Documentation about paid staff and volunteers will be stored for one year after that person exits the Centre. It will then be destroyed in an appropriate manner. Where grievances or other significant issues have occurred, records will be kept for a two year period.
  • Emergency Relief documentation will be stored for two full financial years.
  • Information stored on computer that is of sensitive nature will be deleted after two years.
  • If it becomes necessary for documents to leave the Centre, Management must be advised and precautions taken to secure them against unauthorised access.


  • All paid staff and volunteers will be informed and made aware of the importance of privacy and confidentiality. This will occur during the induction process and other organisational training sessions throughout the year as well as at staff, volunteer and Management Committee Meetings.