Counselling at the MNC with Cee. Counselling is available for anyone.
Appointments are available on Tuesdays between 9am and 1pm. To book please call MNC on 5499 9345.
Cecilie Schiøtz has a personal touch of simply being present with what is, that allows one to feel the love she embraces for her professional delivery of services. As a mature aged woman, with over 30 years’ experience in working with people from diverse backgrounds. Her career began as a teenager in the disability sector, then as a young adult began specialising in case management. After becoming a Mother, Cee redirected her journey along a spiritual path, focused on wellness & thriving communities. As a dance teacher & therapist, held classes & retreats across the Sunshine Coast. Cee went onto nursing, to broaden her career opportunities, and continues to work in community care.
Cee shares her own recovery, having raised children on her own following the loss of her husband to a drug-related death; and furthermore her personal health journey after breast cancer. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark & has moved between countries, cities, remote communities, resides in the hinterland with family, pets & lots of wild flowers.
Now she celebrates all her layers, experiences, qualifications as a Counsellor, a Facilitator of Women’s Circles, Somatic Therapies, and a Family Practitioner in Child Safety services.
Appointments are available every second Tuesday between 9.15am and 1:00pm. To book please call MNC on 5499 9345.