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Maleny Neighbourhood Centre (MNC) works to reduce hardship in our local area and is committed to supporting community.

Can we helpIs hardship a problem in QLD or in Maleny?

Did you know that across QLD, the number of households who had their power cut off due to their inability to pay the power bill rose from 20,000 households in 2013 to a huge 25,000 households in 2014? If this has ever happened to your household, you will know how distressing it is. Every month MNC provides food for an average of 35 adults and 28 children, costing around $1,000 a month.

All donations above $2 are fully tax deductible.

MNC needs to raise $100,000 per year to keep the doors of the centre open.

Maleny Neighbourhood Centre is unique as it is one of few Neighbourhood or Community Centres that are not completely funded by State or Federal Government funding. This position allows the Centre to respond to local needs dynamically and not be restricted by funding criteria.

Currently MNC is approximately 50% funded by State and Local Government funding. The rest of the funds come from room hire, membership, fundraising and donations. This is where community support is very important. We believe that good health is about give and take and MNC aims to be the kind of organisation that you are happy to support, so while you are busy MNC can help the people that need help.

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